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Houghton Horns Mouthpiece Rims

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$65.00 - $85.00
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Model: H1 17.25 mm
Finish: Stainless Steel

Houghton Horns mouthpieces possess a special external profile and a uniquely-balanced rim, cup, bore, backbore, and shank. The entire line was designed by Mark Houghton and Derek Wright and manufactured by Dave Houser. All Houghton mouthpiece cups (underparts) are made of either raw brass or surgical-grade stainless steel. Houghton mouthpiece rims are exclusively stainless steel, with optional H-kote. Houghton mouthpiece cups are available in four distinct models and a variety of configurations when paired with various rim diameters, contours and coatings. The intent was to design a line of mouthpieces that addressed the needs of real-world players by combining proven design concepts with the latest in technology and materials. Ultimately, the emphasis was on balance, focusing on the versatility and functionality that most modern players require. Between the four models any horn player, high or low, orchestral or commercial, solo or section, should be capable of finding a mouthpiece that provides a sense of comfort and identity.



All Houghton rims have an ultra-smooth, comfortable feel, with special bites and contours to accompany each model. All rims are crafted in surgical grade stainless steel, with optional H-Kote.


H-Kote is a very thin, hard layer of vaporized titanium/ceramic composite that is deposited on the surface of our stainless steel mouthpiece rims. It is commonly used on implantable medical devices and surgical tools because of its biocompatibility. H-Kote can be a good option for those looking to go one step further in terms of hypo-allergenic equipment, and has a slightly different feel on the lips than uncoated stainless steel.


All Houghton rims and cups are equipped with standard Giardinelli threads and a .660" junction, making them compatible and completely interchangeable with one another and with the vast majority of rims and cups on the market, including the entire line of standard Houser mouthpieces. This compatibility extends to our Verus VX two-piece cups, and nearly any other ‘Giardinelli-threaded’ parts.





        • Comfort rim with carefully defined bite for ultra-clear articulation

        • Five rim inner diameters: 17.25 mm, 17.5 mm (Standard), 17.75 mm, 18 mm, 18.25 mm

        • Surgical grade stainless steel with optional H-Kote



        • Semi-flat, rounded rim based on a 1960's era Giardinelli 'wide rim'

        • Rim inner diameter: 17.75 mm

        • Surgical grade stainless steel with optional H-Kote



        • Semi-flat rim based on the original 1960's era "block-letter" Farkas mouthpiece

        • Rim inner diameter: 17.75 mm

        • Surgical grade stainless steel with optional H-Kote

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