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Rawhide Mallet

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Our repair shop uses rawhide mallets to loosen stuck bells, mouthpieces, and mouthpiece rims. It can also be used in combination with a metal rotor rod to clean sticky valves.

Never tap on a brass instrument with metal hammers or similarly solid objects. Rawhide is just giving enough to prevent dents and scratches.

If light tapping with a rawhide mallet does not loosen the bell or mouthpiece, try lubricating it and letting it soak for a few minutes before trying again. If even oil does not loosen the bell or mouthpiece, call your local repair shop. NEVER use excessive force to remove a stuck object -- you can cause hundred of dollars of damage.

Basic brass instrument repair instructions PDF


Note: Depending on supplier availability, your mallet may vary in appearance from those in the photos. This will not impact the mallet's durability or usefulness.

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