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Soft Stand for Horn

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Type: Red Oak

The soft stand comes in two choices of hardwood:

  • Red oak wood has a durable light-colored grain.
  • Walnut is a dark wood with many shades of chocolate brown.
  • Soft Stands for Wagner tuba are also available by special order, although the standard Soft Stand will generally work well for musicians who need to quickly switch between a horn and Wagner tuba.

Assembly instructions: Soft Stand Assembly Instructions


"I found it very helpful and convenient and gentle/soft on my horns."
-- Dale Clevenger, Principal Horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"I've been using it now for the past couple weeks and have gotten used to having it next to me onstage... It is already making my orchestral life that much easier"
-- John Cerminaro, Principal Horn of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra

"I love my horn stand, and I'm SURE my horn does too!  It looks so happy lounging in it!  Eric, can you make a 6'4" one for me?"
-- Jeffrey Nelsen, Canadian Brass Hornist , Assoc. Professor of Horn, Indiana University

"Your stand is a terrific concept, and brilliantly executed. The vertical, "plate-display" style stands don't work very well. They collapse, stick to the horn when placing it or removing it, possibly denting it in the process. I've heard some guitar stands work okay, but probably need extra padding and customization. My jury-rigged solution (until now) was a trombone stand, holding the horn up by the bell. (If you point one of the legs the same axis as the mouthpipe, it won't tip over.) But the Soft Stand is far more convenient, protective, and easier to use.  You just drop the horn in it from its natural holding fussing at all.  The design is very clever. Although it doesn't have a cross brace and seems a bit flexible when you just pick it up, this has no effect when in use...the horn in place completely stabilizes it. It's comforting to see your horn cradled in that plush if a trusted friend is holding it. I'll probably get a few more for all my horns. Great job!"
--Roger Kaza, Principal Horn, St. Louis Symphony

"My horn is in it right now.  It seems much safer on the floor now, with keyboards, piles of books and music all around, and kids running about.  A horn "snuggli' in a nice wooden frame--great idea!"
-- Tom Varner, Jazz Hornist, Composer

"I was surprised to learn an idea like this existed, but I'm greatly satisfied, because it provides a sense of security no other horn stand has offered until now.   Now my several horns can rest underneath my grand piano!   They safely held my horns, like nothing was happening at all, during the 2011 earthquake."
-- Hiroaki Owada,  Horn player in Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

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