20 Questions on the 20th featuring William Caballero - Houghton Horns

20 Questions on the 20th featuring William Caballero

It’s time for February’s 20 questions on the 20th!

Here’s Bill Caballero, Principal Horn of The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra:

Started playing horn at age:

First private teacher?
Mr Dunnam. A trombone player.

Favorite composer?

Favorite piece?
El Niño, John Adams.

Most memorable concert?
10/89 Mahler 7th with Maazel in Warsaw Poland.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
Playing 1st [Wagner]tuben on Bruckner 7 after working out my abs. Haven’t worked out since.

If you could not play the horn, what other instrument would you choose?
Pipe Organ.

Favorite excerpt?
One I played well!

Least favorite excerpt?
Ravel piano concerto in G.

Mountains or Beach?

Cats or Dogs?

F horn or C horn?
F please!

Treble clef or Bass clef?

Would you rather play Ravel’s Piano Concerto OR Shostakovich 5?

Beer or wine?

On the leg or off the leg?
Off the keg, I mean off the leg.

Kopprasch or Kling?

Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with a saxophone or trumpet player?
Trumpet player. (They’re funnier.)

Favorite movie score?
The Matrix and the new Star Trek.

“Stars and Stripes” or “Washington Post”?
Stars and Stripes!!

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