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20 Questions on the 20th: George Vosburgh

For August’s 20 on the 20th series, we interviewed George Vosburgh! Mr. Vosburgh was formerly with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and recently retired as Principal Trumpet of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. These days, George stays busy as the Assistant Teaching Professor of Trumpet at Carnegie Mellon University, where he also serves as Co-Director of the Wind Ensemble.

1. What was your first instrument and how old were you when you started?

Cornet at age 7.

2. Describe what would be your perfect day?

Waking up early, 72 degrees and sunny, coffee in the garden for a while reading the papers, tinkering with the sports car, playing through a couple of Charlier Etudes, opening a great bottle of wine, making and having dinner with my wife, Joann.

3. Most memorable performance?

Mahler Symphony #9, CSO with Solti at Concertgebouw.

4. Significant teachers/mentors in your life?

Jack Bragin, Ray Crisara, and Bud Herseth.

5. Something you’ve been meaning to try, but just haven’t gotten around to it?

Just getting around to lots of travel without concerts!

6. Favorite symphony?

Mahler Symphony #2.

7. Who was the last person that made you cry and why?

My daughter, when she graduated from Yale.

8. If money was no object, what would you buy?

Maybe a pet tiger!

9. One thing most people don’t know about you?

I love to garden and build furniture.

10. Opera or ballet?


11. First job?

Third Trumpet and Assistant, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

12. Favorite sports team?


13. If you could invite one person to dinner tonight, who would it be?


14. Coffee or Tea?


15. Favorite book?

The Great Bridge, McCullough.

16. Favorite movie?


17. Siblings?

One brother and two sisters from my dad’s second marriage.

18. Favorite piece to play?

Mahler Symphony #3.

19. Least favorite piece to play?

Any contemporary American piece of cliché crap.

20. Dogs or cats?


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