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Hanging by a Thread - Our Favorite Varieties of Rotor String

Hanging by a Thread - Our Favorite Varieties of Rotor String

Yellow and beige rotor string

If you buy rotor string from Houghton Horns, you might receive one of two types of rotor string:

1. The bright yellow stuff. It has a more stiff feel, which some people don't like. But it's Yamaha brand, which means it's durable, quality stuff. Our repair shop finds it lasts 3-5 times longer than cheaper brands. 

2. The beige stuff. It's more flexible, and most players appreciate the lighter feel. But there is a tradeoff in terms of durability. This variety lasts a decent while, but it doesn't have that famed Yamaha toughness.

In the end it comes down to preference. Band directors who prioritize durability should maybe ask for the yellow string. Professionals who need the quickest response should give the beige string a try. We are happy to give you either upon request.



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