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Verus Model VII ‘Custom’

Our Vision

The Verus Model VII ‘Custom’ is the result of an extensive research and design effort undertaken by Houghton Horns, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. This horn is the culmination of over thirty years of passion and expertise.

The goal? Design a factory-produced, professional-level instrument with features of today’s most successful premium horns at an accessible price point. There’s never been a horn quite like this one.

The Sound

The Verus Model VII ‘Custom’ produces a richly-colored, complex tonal spectrum. Its voice is versatile, malleable, and marketable. The instrument is equally at home in small chamber ensembles as it is in massive orchestras—and everywhere in between. This horn is your ally in the pit, onstage, or behind the screen—it only awaits your signature touch.

Technical Specifications and Features

  • Double Horn F/Bb
  • .472 bore
  • Yellow brass body
  • Nickel silver leadpipe
  • Nickel silver slide tubes
  • Adjustable thumb lever
  • Adjustable pinky hook
  • String linkage
  • Unlacquered
  • Detachable bell
  • Your choice of Verus ‘V1’ mouthpiece
  • Your choice of nylon Marcus Bonna MB-SD case
  • Five-year limited mechanical warranty

Design, Playability and Aesthetics

A first glimpse reveals a traditional Geyer-style horn with a compact wrap, combining crisp, even response with a secure resistance. Nickel silver leadpipe, slide tubes and ferrules come standard. Long solder joints and an attached Bb return loop provide unmistakable life and resonance. The positioning and location of braces was thoughtfully determined over a period of several months. Elite players tested the Verus Model VII ‘Custom’ under a variety of conditions in order to refine the instrument’s overall performance, and ensure optimal balance and ergonomic feel. Satin-finished engraved valve caps and brushed nickel levers complete the elegant Art Deco-inspired look.

Peace of Mind

The decision to purchase a new instrument should not be taken lightly, and no investment comes without risk. That’s why Houghton Horns administers the final quality control check on all Verus Model VII ‘Custom’ horns. Additionally, a premium Marcus Bonna case and a five-year limited mechanical warranty are included with purchase.

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