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Due to weather our shop is closed Tuesday and Wednesday. We can be reached online. Online orders will be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience.
How to Attach Marcus Bonna 4Ever Backpack Straps

How to Attach Marcus Bonna 4Ever Backpack Straps

The new 4ever straps by Marcus Bonna are made of steel and provide total security for your case!

Attach the ring to the top of the case as shown in the following pictures. We use a tool to pull apart the ring; it is strong and you might break a nail. Be sure the ring is positioned as shown, with the opening of the ring to the right and the end of the ring pointing down, or the straps will be attached backwards.

To attach to the bottom of the case, all the same rules apply. Rotate the ring so the opening is to the right, with the end of the ring pointing down.

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