20 Questions on the 20th featuring Jeff Nelsen - Houghton Horns

20 Questions on the 20th featuring Jeff Nelsen

It’s time for March’s 20 questions on the 20th!

Here’s the fearless Jeff Nelsen!

Started playing horn at age:
12, then quit 16-19

First private teacher?
David Hoyt – Hn 1 Edmonton Symphony

Favorite composer?
Mahler and Mozart

Favorite piece?
Barber Violin Concerto

Most memorable concert?
Christmas concert on Canadian radio with my parents singing, sisters flute and bassooning, and me! 1993 in Edmonton.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
Same concert! Wow did I get nervous!! Played a simple piece quite badly… I have video! I’ll share it!

If you could not play the horn, what other instrument would you choose?
Electric guitar

Favorite excerpt?
To play – Don Quixote var 7&8
To hear – Mahler 5 obligate

Least favorite excerpt?
Depends on what I’ve neglected?

Mountains or Beach?

Cats or Dogs?
Dog winery!!

F horn or C horn?
Eh horn!

Treble clef or Bass clef?

Would you rather play Ravel’s Piano Concerto OR Shostakovich 5?
Aw, come on! Both soooo good. Pieces or excerpts? I’ll go with Shostakovich!

Beer or wine?

On the leg or off the leg?

Kopprasch or Kling?
Maxime Alphonse!

Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with a saxophone or trumpet player?
Ha!! I’ll take the saxophone. Without the player, right!?

Favorite movie score?
Field of Dreams – James Horner (Jim Thatcher on incredible horn lines!)

“Stars and Stripes” or “Washington Post”?

“New York Times”!? “Oh Canada”?

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