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Marcus Bonna MB-8 French Horn Case with Sheet Music Bag

Original price $550.00 - Original price $675.00
Original price
$550.00 - $675.00
Current price $550.00
Color: Black
Material: Nylon

What's the difference between an MB-8 and an MB-8M? Read our review.

The MB-8 was designed for large-body horns such as the Rauch or Hoyer G10. If your horn is medium-sized, consider the MB-8M. We also are happy to arrange special orders for the MB-8S for smaller horns at 817-993-6400 ex 1.

Don't see the colors you like here? Check out the Marcus Bonna Options page.


We really like this case for car travel, as it has a flat profile that is easy to pack in between other pieces of luggage, unlike other cases with a lot of rounded surfaces or curves. At 24 inches, it is technically slightly too wide for an airplane carryon, but you can probably get away with carrying it on any airplane that doesn't measure carryons. And it's incredibly roomy inside! There's straps for a straight mute and a stop mute, a pouch for oils underneath the bell, and a large compartment for holding a tuner and other accessories. It's a great case for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.

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