Special Financing
12 Months, 0% APR*


Standard Financing
Up to 60 Months, 10.24% APR*

Important Information (Please Read)

Do I need to be a Texas resident to apply for financing with First Financial Bank?


How do I choose between Special and Standard Financing?

After you have applied for financing you may choose between either option* when you are ready to proceed with the purchase of an instrument. *Subject to credit approval.

How much should I apply for?

Choose an amount that will cover the range of instruments you are interested in, plus sales tax and a case (if the instrument does not include one). You do not have to borrow the full amount you are approved for if you decide to go with a cheaper instrument.

Should I choose “Individual” or “Joint”?

Only married couples should choose the “Joint” option. First Financial Bank does not allow for co-signing. (For example, a parent may not co-sign for their child.)

What if I only have one phone number?

The website requires two phone numbers. If necessary, include a phone number belonging to a spouse or other relative.

What if I’m retired?

When filling out the application, place ‘Retired’ in the “Employers Name” and “Occupation Title” fields. In the “Years At Employment” field, state how many years you worked total before you retired.

What if I’m a student?

“Employers Name” and “Occupation Title” should say ‘Student’. For the “Years At Employment” field, state how many years you have been in school.

What is my residential status?

Only select “Owns Residence” if you have paid off your mortgage and own the house outright. Otherwise, select “Buying Residence” if your mortgage is not completely paid off.


*Subject to credit approval. Texas residents only.


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