Our LOWEST RATE Financing Option
Enjoy 60 MONTHS at 8%
(only 6.5% for customers under 21!)

Apply in person or remotely
No prepayment penalties

** Since the credit union will hold a lien against the instrument after the disbursement of the loan, there is NO TRIAL PERIOD when financing with this option. Sales are final. No returns or exchanges. **

If you have any questions about MFCU financing, please contact Rose Mathews at rmathews@musiciansdfw.org.

Houghton Horns is pleased to offer consumer financing through the Musician’s Federal Credit Union of the AFM Local 72-147. 60 month installment loans are available at 8% APR. Additionally, loans are available at 6.5% APR to those under 21 years of age (co-signer required, customer must be 18 years of age or older). This financing option is to be used only for instrument purchases. See below for more details.

Click here to view the MFCU Loan Application

  1. The customer must complete the MFCU Loan Application (see link above) and return it along with proof of income (e.g. recent pay stub) to Houghton Horns via email (sales@houghtonhorns.com) or fax (817-993-6801).
  2. The Musicians Federal Credit Union will contact both the customer and Houghton Horns with notification of approval or rejection within 48 hours.
  3. The customer must visit the Houghton Horns shop in person to select an instrument, or notify Houghton Horns of their instrument choice via phone or email. Since the credit union will hold a lien against the instrument after disbursement of the loan, Houghton Horns can offer NO TRIAL PERIOD for the customer when financing though the MFCU. Sales are final and there can be no returns or exchanges.
  4. Once the instrument selection is complete, the customer will receive a loan disbursement document and a MFCU Signature Card. This step will require a wait time of 5 days, during which Houghton Horns will place a complimentary 5-day hold on the selected instrument.
  5. The customer must either join the local credit union (AFM 72-147) or be a current member in good standing before the loan can be disbursed. Click here to joinCustomers need not be a member of the local credit union to submit the initial loan application and to be approved for a loan. Membership is open to all, including non-Texas residents. When the customer’s term of membership expires, the customer must either remit dues for a subsequent term or resign membership in writing. It is not necessary for the customer to maintain AFM local membership in order to continue to belong to the credit union.  Options and fees for joining the local are listed below:
  • $99/year for first-time members under 21
  • $135/year for first-time members 21 or older  who are enrolled in college
  • $235 (initiation fees + six months of dues) for first-time members over 21
  • $170 (local initiation fees + six months of dues) for members of another AFM local

Click here to join AFM Local 72-147

  1. Customer must mail the signed loan disbursement document, Musicians Federal Credit Union signature card, an initial deposit of $25 (this initial deposit must remain in the account at all times as a minimum balance), and a one-time membership fee of $5 (a total of $30) directly to:

Musicians Federal Credit Union
C/O Rose Mathews
1939 Stadium Oaks Court, Suite 110
Arlington, TX 76011


7. Once Houghton Horns has received notification from the credit union that the loan has been disbursed, the customer will collect their selected instrument, either in person or via shipment. The customer must maintain insurance on the instrument showing the Musicians Federal Credit Union as “Loss Payee” until the loan is paid off.


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