Our pre-owned instruments come with a 15-day return period and 1-year limited mechanical warranty.

Here is the cleaning and inspection process we complete on every pre-owned instrument.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Remove minor dents.
  • Check valves for vertical play.
  • Check valves for horizontal play.
  • Check valves for excessive sound or "clankiness".
  • Test the action of the valves, being picky about any sluggishness or "catching".
  • Check the compression on the valves. A compression rating of 0-2 is most desirable. If any valve registers a 5 or higher, we will recommend to the seller than it be rebuilt or that the horn be listed as "AS-IS" on the website. The compression ratings will be added to the website description so you have a good estimation of the vavles' health before purchase.
  • Check screw ring on detachable bells for quiet and smooth operation.
  • Test slides for alignment and easy, smooth movement.
  • Check mouthpiece fit into receiver.
  • Test water key(s).
  • Visually inspect the instrument three times for dents, scratches, loose braces, and evidence of poorly performed prior repair (i.e. excessive/sloppy soldering, large ripples in the metal, burnt lacquer, etc.).
  • Lightly oil and grease the instrument.
  • Replace old strings, bumpers, felts, and corks.
  • Play the instrument for several minutes, checking overall intonation and playability.
  • Adjust the ergonomic grip of the instrument to fit the buyer's hand, where possible. (For example, if we know an instrument is going to a young female student, the grip setting should be adjusted for a smaller hand.)
  • Shine lacquered horns.
  • If included, check the case for major tears, strong smells, or large stains. (Many pre-owned instruments do not come with cases.)


* Instruments labelled "AS-IS" may have failed some steps in the inspection process. The website description will include the reason the instrument is being offered as-is, but if you have any concerns about the condition of the instrument, please speak with a team member before purchasing.


Look for this badge on the product page:

Houghton Horns Pre-Owned Guarantee Badge


Pre-Owned Instrument Warranty

Houghton Horns LLC warrants your pre-owned musical instrument to be free of all defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty extends to the original buyer only. It only covers the instrument itself and excludes all cases and accessories.

Within the period of this warranty, Houghton Horns LLC will repair or replace, free of charge, any part proving defective in material or workmanship. All warranty repairs and service must by performed by Houghton Custom Horns LLC or a technician authorized by Houghton Horns LLC.

All expenses related to replacing or repairing a defective part under this warranty shall be assumed by Houghton Horns LLC except for applicable shipping or freight costs.

This warranty does not apply to any costs, repairs, or services for the following:

  1. Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accidents, or alterations.
  2. Damage resulting from the neglect of a known problem.
  3. Normal wear and tear (i.e. the replacement of rotor strings and rotor stop material).
  4. Repairs necessitated by use other than that accepted as normal by the music community.
  5. Repairs necessitated by damage caused in shipping or transport of the horn to Houghton Horns for warranty service.
  6. Corrective work necessitated by repairs made by anyone other than Houghton Custom Horns LLC or a technician authorized by Houghton Horns LLC to provide a repair to the instrument.

Please contact Houghton Horns LLC by phone at (817) 993-6400 x2 to obtain warranty service.