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Bass Trombone Craft: A musical approach to building tone and technique by Brad Edwards

Bass Trombone Craft: A musical approach to building tone and technique by Brad Edwards

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Here’s a quick summary:
• Motivation through musical interest
If students like a piece, they are more likely to spend extra time polishing it.
• Ideas are linked and reinforced
One section discusses valve choices for a key and is followed by short pieces in that key.
• Pieces of reasonable length
Get to the point quickly using short exercises and half-page etudes.
• A greater variety of key signatures
Don’t get stuck in that B-flat / E-flat rut.
• Help with rhythm

Some pages zoom in on common rhythm trouble spots, such as the deadly dotted-eighth sixteenth.
• Cross-referencing to other books
A big time-saver in lessons!
• Patterns to be memorized
Scale and arpeggio patterns with musical shape.
• Bonus appendices focusing on special areas including:
o Developing the Legato Tongue
o Double and Triple Tonguing
o Pattern Building (scales and arpeggios)
o Interval Accuracy
o Developing the High Range
o Tone and Tuning Exercises
o Introduction to Tenor and Alto Clef
o Flow Exercises (sing, buzz, play)

Reviews / Endorsements

With Brad Edwards’ new book, “Bass Trombone Craft,” the teacher and player have a method that can take a young bass trombone player from the basic introduction of the valves all the way to true mastery of the instrument. The book introduces and focuses on every aspect of bass trombone playing, all in one volume. It is a welcome and needed addition to bass trombone pedagogical material that should be a staple of every teacher’s curriculum.

Denson Paul Pollard, Bass Trombone, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

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