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Brass Witch Magnetic Pencil Holder

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Size: Baby

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This product is the first new product of its kind made for all types of brass instruments, allowing you to remove and attach a pencil quickly. The innovative design won’t scratch or mark up the instrument like the other hard plastic options. 

The use of strong NeoDymium “rare Earth” magnets is a perfect way to secure the pencil, take notes, and reapply while only using one hand.

Brasswitch users have talked about being ‘converts’ when using the accessory because of the satisfaction of the magnet’s pull. Try it once, and you’ll be under its spell!


Baby: Fits on a trombone brace or single tube of a horn. This size will also fit most trumpets. A safe choice for most horns, trombones, and trumpets.

Small: Fits on a single tube of a trombone.

Medium: Fits most Geyer-style French horns, covering two tubes.

Large: Fits tubas, and covering two tubes on the Conn 8D or Alex 103.

Before you buy, check out the Brass Witch Fit Finder. We are happy to recommend a size for your instrument at

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