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We will be exhibiting at TMEA from Feb 8-11! All online orders placed from Feb 6-13 will not ship until Wed, Feb 15. This includes orders with expedited shipping. Thank you for understanding.
We will be exhibiting at TMEA from Feb 8-11! All online orders placed from Feb 6-13 will not ship until Wed, Feb 15.

Griego Brian Hecht Bass Trombone Mouthpieces

by Griego
Original price $225.00 - Original price $250.00
Original price
$225.00 - $250.00
Current price $250.00
Model: Audition 1.25

There are 3 different types of Griego Brian Hecht mouthpiece models: Orchestral, Recital and Audition. They all are phenomenal mouthpieces, each tailored to a different performance setting. 

Griego-Hecht Orchestral Model 

The Orchestral Model mouthpiece was arrived at after several years of trying various mouthpieces with the goal of a big, warm sound that can hug the low brass in resonance. This mouthpiece truly fits that description in every way. It naturally provides the breadth of sound needed to provide a solid foundation in the bottom of any trombone section. It’s sound can carry through the orchestra without protruding from the ensemble’s overall sound. On this mouthpiece, Brian Hecht feels like he can achieve any dynamic he wants without damaging the beauty of the tone. It is the perfect mouthpiece for any orchestral setting.

Griego-Hecht Recital Model 

The Recital Model mouthpiece was developed to showcase a broad spectrum of overtones in Brian's sound. He wanted a mouthpiece that would allow me maximum freedom of expression and choice of color when performing different solo repertoire. This mouthpiece is the perfect combination of a broad, beautiful sound with just the right amount of response to allow for the performer to have total control of their harmonics and articulation. Be ready to experience a huge palette of sound and articulation options with this mouthpiece that will allow you to create a masterpiece in your performance.

Griego-Hecht Audition Model 

The Audition Model mouthpiece was developed over the course of 14 years of auditioning for professional orchestras. Brian Hecht needed a mouthpiece that was designed to deliver my performance into the laps of the committee with impeccable sound, articulations, and slotting of pitch. This mouthpiece makes my fundamentals rock solid and has a singular goal of making my performance check all the boxes. It produces a clear, direct, vibrant sound that can travel to the back of any concert hall with clarity and precision. Nothing in my playing will be lost or muddied by the long ring times of these large concert venues.


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