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Laskey E Series Classic Horn Mouthpieces

by Laskey
Original price $89.00 - Original price $159.00
Original price
$89.00 - $159.00
Current price $89.00
Size: 70E
Shank: American
Material: Silver-Plated

Laskey E Series Classic Horn Mouthpieces

The E Series is a deeper version than the G Series but otherwise is very similar in construction. This mouthpiece is free blowing and produces a full sound. The rim has a round contour with a high point towards the inner edge. The mouthpiece has a bore of 14 (.182”/4.62 mm).


We believe that this mouthpiece is slightly stuffier than other Laskey models, and this is due to the depth of the cup. That being said, it is easy to play on and is not hard to focus pitches. It allows for a fuller sound without losing clarity. 

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