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Laskey F Series Classic Horn Mouthpieces

by Laskey
Original price $89.00 - Original price $159.00
Original price
$89.00 - $159.00
Current price $89.00
Size: 70F
Shank: American
Material: Silver-Plated

Laskey F Series Classic Horn Mouthpieces


The F Series has a deeper cup and more of a funnel shape compared to the G series. It produces a fuller sound and is an excellent choice for players who have a more brilliant sound naturally. This mouthpiece is similar in specifications to a traditional Farkas model. The rim has a round contour with a high point towards the inner edge. The mouthpiece has a 14 bore (.182”/4.62 mm).

We believe this mouthpiece does produce a thicker/fuller sound. Players that have a naturally thin sound could utilize this mouthpiece to round things out. The mouthpiece has crisp articulation response and is overall very easy to create a warm, expansive sound. 

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