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Leather Specialties Universal Lace-Up Left Hand Guard for Horn

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Color: Black

Leather specialties hand guards are custom designed for a wide variety of highly specific makes of brass instruments. All guards are handmade with only the finest materials, cut and sewn by Larry Black. Larry was a trumpeter in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for 33 years, and is now retired. Leather Specialties is a small family company committed to making very specialized items. Their products are not churned out by machines or outsourced for cheaper labor. The guards are crafted one at a time, as they have been from the start. Unmatched quality. 


Cleaning and care of your instrument when using a Leather Specialties Guard

It is crucially important that you clean every part of the instrument that will be covered by your guard. An unclean surface could result in the development of a black composite of tarnish, body oil, and dirt that will appear when you remove the guard. Mixing dirt and oil with sulfur in the air results in tarnish, and the moist, warm air held close to the metal by the guard during routine practice and performance and create the perfect environment for these accumulations.

Lacquered instruments are relatively low-maintenance, and need only to be cleaned and thoroughly dried before you apply the guard. Unlacquered brass should be prepped and cleaned with Flitz or Wright’s brass polish. We recommend that silver plated or gold plated instruments be treated with either Weiman Silver wipes, or Wright’s Silver polish. These products will seal the finish, making it more resistant too tarnish. Repeat this treatment regularly as needed to keep your instrument in top condition.

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