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Lip Slur Melodies: A Melodic Approach to Building Tone and Technique with Lip Slurs by Brad Edwards

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 Why do Lip Slur Melodies?

They help develop…

• Air: Continuously flowing, no breaks

• Embouchure: Focused and agile

• Slide: Quick and accurate


In this book (132 pages) you’ll find:

• Beginning melodies

• High range development melodies

• Low range development melodies

• Challenging and virtuoso melodies

• 33 Duets

Reviews / Endorsements

I love playing these because they are beautifully melodic and every note is coming from and going to a natural slur. I think you have really hit the essence of Arnold Jacobs’ teaching. This makes it easy: just blow air and move your lips and slide with the rhythm. Thank you, Brad Edwards !!

Charlie Vernon, Chicago Symphony Orchestra


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