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S.E. Shires Custom Series Bass Trombone Handslide (Special Order)

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Model: B62

The slide tubing of S.E. Shires handslides is drawn in-house, to precise tolerances. Their slides are then carefully assembled, aligned, and stress relieved to assure the smooth, trouble-free action that has become the hallmark of S.E. Shires trombones. Handslide models are specified by letters indicating instrument type (A = alto, T = tenor, B = bass) and crook width (no indication for standard, W = wide, B = bass crook), followed by bore size in inches (second two digits only), then tube material, weight, and crook material, if non standard.


Single bore slides have a clear sound and can be more articulate than dual bore. Examples include:

    • T47: .547-inch (large) bore tenor handslide with tenor crook—centered sound and feel

    • TW47: .547-inch (large) bore tenor handslide with wide crook—their most popular design, combines efficient feel and response with orchestral breadth of sound—very easy to adapt to any playing situation

    • TB47: .547-inch (large) bore tenor handslide with bass crook—for players desiring an expansive sound and feel

    • T25: .525-inch (medium) bore tenor handslide

    • TW25: .525-inch (medium) bore tenor handslide with wide crook

    • B62: .562-inch bore bass handslide

    • T85: .485-inch (small) bore tenor handslide

    • T00: .500-inch(small) bore tenor handslide

    • T08: .508-inch (small) bore tenor handslide

Single Bore Slides

Dual Bore Slides

Dual bore slides have an open sound and feel, require more air, and produce a larger sound compared to the upper-leg's single bore equivalent,. The first number indicates the bore of the upper leg of the slide; the second number the lower leg. Examples include:

    • B62•78: .562-.578 bore bass handslide

    • TB47•62: .547-.562 bore tenor or small bass handslide

    • T25•47: .525-.547 bore tenor handslide

    • TW25•47: .525-.547 bore tenor handslide with wide crook

    • T08•25: .508-.525 bore tenor handslide

    • T00•08: .500-.508 bore tenor handslide

    • T85•95: .485-.495 bore tenor handslide

    • A85•95: .485-.495 bore alto handslide with tuning in crook

Slides with no additional markings are standard weight, with yellow-brass tubes, nickel-silver sleeves, and a nickel-silver crook. Other options are available:

    • LW: Lightweight—no sleeves—quicker response, more open, brilliant sound

    • N: Nickel-silver outer tubes—brilliant, articulate sound

    • G: Gold-brass outer tubes—warm sound, rounded articulations)

    • YC: Yellow-brass crook—warmer, rounder sound and articulations

For example: TB47NLW denotes a Tenor handslide with Bass (nickel silver) crook, .547-inch bore, and outer tubes made of Nickel silver with no sleeves (i.e., LightWeight)


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