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S.E. Shires Custom Series Bass Trombone Tuning Slide (Special Order)

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Model: Bollinger

S.E. Shires trombone tuning slides are engineered with a unique, smooth, double-radius design. They combine the best characteristics of single- and double-radius tuning slides in terms of timbre, response, and intonation. Tuning slide models are specified by letters indicating instrument type, material, taper, and whether the slide crook is seamed or unseamed.

Instrument type designations

    • S: small-bore tenor trombone

    • T: medium- or large-bore tenor trombone

    • B: bass trombone

N.B.: S.E. Shires alto trombones are equipped with a tuning-in-slide mechanism—they do not have bell-side tuning slides.



Tuning slides are available in either yellow brass, for clear sound and articulations, or gold brass, for warmer sound and more rounded articulations. Deutch German Brass is available for seamed tuning slides only. Many customers have found that a gold brass tuning slide complements a yellow-brass bell, adding warmth to the sound, while a yellow brass tuning slide complements a gold- or red-brass bell, clarifying the articulations and keeping the sound focused.

    • Y: yellow brass

    • G: gold brass

    • D: German rose brass


Tuning slide crooks in several different tapers have been designed for each type of trombone, to meet players' different needs.

Small bore

    • (No number): The original S.E. Shires small-bore tuning slide taper——very open feel

    • 1.0: Centered and clear, somewhat open feel

    • 1.5: Newer design—improved intonation and response/feel characteristic of classic small-bore instruments—our most popular small-bore tuning slide


    • [Unmarked]: Standard orchestral tenor tuning slide taper, by far the most popular, known for its open, clear, flexible sound, and superior intonation

    • X: Focused tenor tuning slide taper—aligns harmonics in a way familiar to players accustomed to classic New York instruments—works well with TB handslides and TII bells


    • B: Produces a compact feel and centered sound

    • C: Designed for players who prefer an open feel and larger sound

Other Options

Unseamed/seamed crook
Tuning slide crooks may be made from an unseamed tube, or formed from flat brass sheet with a brazed seam before being drawn. Seamed tuning slides tend to project better, but may not provide as much feed back to the player as an unseamed tuning slide. Seamed tuning slides are also slightly more expensive. Seamed tuning slides are denoted with an S at the end of the model designation.

    • [Unmarked]: Unseamed crook

    • S: Seamed crook

SY1.5—small-bore tuning slide in yellow brass with 1.5 taper, unseamed crook
TY—orchestral tenor tuning slide in yellow brass, standard taper, unseamed crook
BGCS—bass tuning slide in gold brass, C taper, seamed crook


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