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S.E. Shires Bass Trombone Leadpipes (Special Order)

Original price $135.00 - Original price $315.00
Original price
$135.00 - $315.00
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Trombone leadpipes control how much air you can push through, as well as the color of tone and characteristics of articulation.

Fine-tune your sound with a new leadpipe in yellow brass, gold brass, nickel silver, or sterling silver.


Note: Customers who buy a full Shires trombone will receive their choice of either three brass leadpipes or one sterling silver leadpipe with their purchase and do not need to buy them separately.

 Don't see the leadpipe you need in the options above? Contact us at 817-993-6400 ex 1 or to order the model you want. Here are your options:

1 - 1.5: Smallest venturi diameter-compact sound with clear articulation

2 - 2.5: Medium venturi diameter-more open sound

3: Largest venturi diameter-large, broad sound

L: longer version of any numbered pipe for more centered feel

S: shorter version of any pipe for more open feel

G: gold brass pipe for warmer and more dense sound

N: nickel silver for more brilliant sound

VE: Vintage Elkhart-available for .547 bore tenor trombones

SS: Sterling silver pipe for very solid and dense sound (available at additional cost)

Bore size designation is stamped before the lead pipe number:

T85: .485 bore (alto)

T95: .495 bore (small bore)

T00: .500 bore (small bore)

T08: .508 bore (small bore)

M: .525 bore (small shank receiver) (medium bore)

MT: .525 bore (large shank receiver) (medium bore)

None: .547 bore (large bore)

B: .562 bore (bass trombone)

BB: .578 bore (xl bass trombone)

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