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Thein MH One Piston Bb Trumpet

by Thein
Original price $3,990.00 - Original price $5,275.00
Original price
$3,990.00 - $5,275.00
Current price $3,990.00
Model: #4

The Thein MH One trumpets were developed in collaboration with world-renowned  trumpet player Matthias Höfs. The two Thein MH One trumpets in stock at Houghton provide a stable, warm sound for any trumpet player concentrating on classical playing, and like all Thein brass instruments, they are highly customizable. 


The MH One is one of Thein's newest projects. They set out to make the standard trumpet, which every trumpet player plays, more flexible. The MH One is applicable universally and excels in a multitude of different ensembles. The philosophy behind the development of the MH One was the greatest possible flexibility and the highest tonal variation possibilities. With solid intonation and tonal separation in all registers, the MH One has exchangeable leadpipes and bell variations which allow for personalization at the highest level.

    • Silver plated on yellow brass
    • 3 piston valves
    • 122 mm bell with Mainzer rim
    • Changeable bell system (4/40 for #4 and 7/35 for #7)
    • 2 water keys
    • Changeable 1.2 leadpipe (other leadpipes in stock)

See Brochure #1 and Brochure #2 for further details.

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