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How Do I Change the String on My French Horn?

All horns will either have the lever arm extensions below the rotor screw (see column A) or above it (see column B), depending on the rotor. Follow the diagrams appropriately. 

  1. Begin with a string that is cut to approximately between 5.5 to 6 inches in length (available here). Tie a double knot at one end, then pass it through the hole as shown.
  2. Take the free end of the string partially around the rotor screw (counterclockwise for A, clockwise for B), having loosened the stop-arm screw to accommodate the string.
  3. Pass the string (clockwise for A, counterclockwise for B) under the stop-arm screw, and adjust the position of the lever to approximate height desired. Tighten the stop-arm screw temporarily.
  4. Carry the string (counterclockwise for A, clockwise for B) around the rotor screw, threading it through end-hole of the lever arm extension.
  5. Hold the stop-arm screw against the stop (as shown by arrow) and wind string clockwise around the end screw when taut. Tighten the end screw. The lever height may be finely adjusted by loosening the stop-arm screw and then re-tightening as needed. The end screw may then need a slight adjustment to take up any slack. 
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