Houghton Horns Holiday Gift Guide


Don’t know what to get that brass musician in your life? Here’s a starting point for your search.

Gifts Under $50

Protec Music Portfolio Bag - from $21.99

Nylon bag for sheet music

Robinson's Remedies - from $8.99

lip balm for musicians

Orchestras are Awful game - from $39.99

Orchestras Are Awful card game

The Spit Catcher - from $8.99

a floor mat for musicians' spit

Brass Witch Magnetic Pencil Holder - $35.00

A leather strap with a magnet that attaches to your horn and holds a pencil

Alessi ScaleUP - $15.95

A foam die with different musical key signatures written on each face

Alessi ExcerptUP - $15.00

A foam die with different classical excerpt names on it

Brass Instrument Earrings - $24.95

Gold trombone earrings with maroon backing

Actually, It's German T-Shirt - $24.95

Actually, It's German T-Shirt

Houghton Horns Mahler Jersey - $34.25

A soccer jersey with 'Mahler 5' on the back

Brasstache - $8.99

A plastic mustache that attaches to your brass instrument

French Horn Kazoo - $22.95

A plastic kazoo shaped like a French horn

Recipe for Success: A balanced curriculum for young horns - $41.95

An introductory textbook for horn players

Verus Universal Hand Guard for French Horn - $35.00

A leather strap that wraps around a horn

Margarita's Accessories Jewelry - from $15

Gold wire trumpet earrings

Horn Survival Kit - $46.95

A cleaning kit for a horn

Protec Horn Mute Bag - $15.95

A cloth bag for a horn mute

Brasstache Santa Beard - $19.99

a Santa beard that clips onto a brass instrument mouthpiece



Gifts Under $200

RGC Conical Horn Mute - $124.99

Conical wooden horn mutes

Protec PRO PAC Single Trumpet Case - $159.95

a black trumpet case

Stomvi Upmute - from $95.00

A plastic mute for a brass instrument

Protec M-409 Mute Case for French Horn - $65.95

A cloth bag for a horn mute

Laskey Alessi Signature Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces - from $199.00

trombone mouthpiece

Basic Brass Instrument Repair Kit - $79.99

an acrylic bag with tools for repairing brass instruments

Horn Gift Bundle - $74.95

A basket full of French horn cleaning supplies and accessories

Soft Stand for Horn - from $99.95

A cloth and wood stand for a French horn

Stomvi UpSound - $139.95

A tube with a mouthpiece inserted into it

Protec IPAC Double Trumpet Case - $179.95

Black nylon trumpet case




Marcus Bonna MB-8M French Horn Case - from $550.00

A gray and black French horn case

BAGS of Spain Detachable Bell Flight Case for French Horn - from $645.00

A bright blue French horn case

*NEW* Yamaha SBJ Silent Brass Mute System - from $243.95

Yamaha electronic mute system for brass instruments

 BAGS of Spain Case for Three Trumpets - from $595.00

Neon green trumpet case

Marcus Bonna MB-SD Soft Detachable Bell French Horn Case - from $395.00

Denim blue French horn case

Protec Pro Pac Bass Trombone Case - from $256.95

black bass trombone case


Note: We recommend against buying anything labeled "Pre-Order", "Backordered", or "Out of Stock" before confirming with us that we will be able to ship your product before Christmas.

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